Linkup Entertainment Limited is the organizers of Miss Independence Nigeria Beauty Pageant. This idea was born out of the quest to promote national unity, peace and to deeply cultivate and water the spirit of patriotism which is deing in our citizens. This pageant acts as a unifying factor, our independence anniversary celebration reminds us of the struggles of our Heros past to unite us as one nation. Nothing could be more appropriate than using this pageant as a platform to achieve this National Unity. We started hosting this prestigious Pageant since 2008, We have successfully hosted three (3) editions of this pageant. The 2016 edition of Miss Independence Nigeria which is the 4th edition promises to be “fantastically” amazing as the show will be a cultural extravaganser. Each contestants representing the thirty six (36) states in Nigeria and the federal capital territory will showcase their state cultural vintage in a keenly competitive manner to wear the prestigious crown. Miss independence Nigeria is an ongoing project and takes place annually on every first (1st) of October to celebrate our Independence anniversary as a nation.



The Pageant has the goal of producing a true Nigeria Queen yearly with a complete attribute of beauty and brains, engaging them positively using cultural, moral values and intellectual prowess to make them useful and patriotic to the nation, respect for elders, support for educational development and actively engaging in the spirit of volunteerism.



To create a background for young Nigeria women between the ages of 18-25 to attain their future goals and dreams as a role model with a strong foundation that is deeply rooted in humility, self confidence and dignity thereby acting as a unifying tool for good character regardless of our culture, ethnicity and religious background and at large Say No To Prostitution and women trafficking and all social ill that effect a girl child.

As we are aware, the phenomena of Independence is one that is emotive and brings people together giving the example of the citizens of the USA where July 4th means so much to them and MISS INDEPENDENCE AMERICA is also celebrated in USA and other countries around the world. We are committed to making Nigerians feel the same sense of belonging to our own Independence using this pageant as a platform.